We are proud to collaborate with talented artists from different disciplines such as illustrators, florists, sculptors, jewelers, visual artists, among others, who help us integrate unique details into each hat. As well, with incredible artisans, experts in their crafts, with a vast and profound culture transmitted throughout generations; hands with invaluable wisdom that perpetuate this craft.

Interdisciplinary project created by Pablo Cabo and David Miguel, that explores wire sculpture work, visual performance and musical experience. It’s an honor to work with them, since their creativity knows no limits. We were able to adapt their technique and talent for creating innovative miniature pieces to decorate our hats.

Emilio is, undoubtedly, one of the most innovative Mexican florists. He is capable of achieving impressive floral pieces, from small arrangements to large installation, which have led him to hold great recognition in the fashion industry. His color management is risky, making a difference, especially through his knowledge of specific preservation techniques which allows him to design permanent fixtures and installations.
Our common love for flowers and plants took us to meet, and jointly design small floral headdresses on a silver jewelry base, achieving unique and elegant pieces.
Mafer is a Mexican illustrator who conquered us by her love for fashion, as well as for her sensitivity to reveal her culture through her drawings. She is actually the creator of our branding, which is constantly praised. Mafer, thank you very much for being always present through our brand’s pins, stationery and totebags. 
We thank and honor all of you, since for us art and crafts are the heart of our brand, and due to your generosity we can show unique pieces to the world.